The International Sámi Film Institute is dedicated to providing Sámi people with the skills and economic opportunities in developing, producing, and distributing Sámi films in the Sámi language.

To build a sustainable & leading-edge Sámi film industry that is globally visible and attractive


Fight for Sámi culture, languages, and livelihoods, and build a bright future through our stories.

Positive and forward-thinking
Respect for nature and people
Collaboration locally and globally
Borderless thinking


ISFI is the fireplace where Sámi stories catch fire, and where our storytellers gather to connect and become stronger together.

Árran is the Northern Sámi word to describe the hearth of a lávvu, around which Sámi storytelling has taken place since time immemorial. Árran symbolizes the life force of the Sámi people, a place where the relationality between human, and non-human beings is interwoven.

We fight for Sámi culture, languages, and livelihoods

The Sámi people will have the same rich offer of content of films and digital stories in their own language as the majority of societies. We will work for more Sámi content in all genres, especially feature films drama series, animations, and games for children and youth.

Today there are only 2500 children in schools who have the Sami language at school and all our languages are severely threatened according to the UN. Altogether there are 30 000 Sámi language speakers and the prognoses are that in the next 20 years there will be only 7000 left. We are beyond the point of strengthening Sámi languages, it is about saving the Sámi languages.

Impacts of our work:

• Through film and visibility we make Sámi culture, people and languages thrive

• Build Sámi film industry, livelihoods, and future work possibilities in our home areas.

• Our films counteract stereotypes about our people.

• Indigenous thinking will change the ways of thinking and can inspire for a better world

• Sámi stories have global relevance because they are testimonies of Arctic lives, nature, climate change, and the current situation

• Sámi stories and films connect humans to land and nature and remind us all of the importance of this connection for survival

Strategic plan 2021 – 2026

ISFI intends to develop, support on a yearly basis with the following targets:

  • At least one TV series/fiction film annually
  • Sámi documentaries
  • Sámi short fictions
  • Sámi children/youth films
  • Dubbing to Sámi languages
  • Develop and support innovative Sámi digital storytelling
  • Ensure that the Sámi film production companies have thriving conditions


The aims of the International Sámi Film Institute are:

  • To enhance and promote Sami film production
  • To support the development and production of Sámi films; documentaries, fiction, and animation all over Sápmi
  • To promote indigenous films and cooperation between indigenous film workers at a global level;
  • To enhance and promote films in Sámi language and films for Sámi youth and children.