The International Sámi Film Institute is dedicated to providing Sámi people with the skills and economic opportunities in developing, producing, and distributing Sámi films in the Sámi language.

ISFI is an expert on Sámi storytelling and we are building a sustainable & innovative Sámi film industry that is globally visible and attractive.


Through our own stories and films, we fight for the survival of Sámi culture, values and languages. By telling our stories we create our future.


ISFI is the ÁRRAN fireplace where Sámi stories catch fire, and where our storytellers gather to connect with the past and create the future.

Árran is the Northern Sámi word to describe the hearth of a lávvu, around which Sámi storytelling has taken place since time immemorial. Árran symbolizes the life force of the Sámi people, a place where the relationality between human, and non-human beings is interwoven. ÁRRÁN embodies the Sámi perspectives on circular time, where past, present and future meet in a continual flow of time, bodies and ideas.

We fight for the survival of Sámi culture, values and languages

Our work is based on respect and equality for all people and a close connection to nature. In the Sámi language we have the word VERDDE, which means friend/colleague/family friend. We value all our verddet and collaborations locally and globally. As Sámi people living in four countries borderless thinking is in our backbones. We are pro-active and brave, we have a positive attitude and we are forward-thinking.

• Positive and forward-thinking

• Brave

• Pro-active

• Borderless thinking

• Respect and connection to nature and all living

• Collaboration & network locally and globally

• We own our culture, stories and cultural expressions

• We seek guidance from our traditional knowledge

  • The Sámi people have a rich offer of quality films and digital stories in our own languages.
  • Work for more Sámi content in all genres; feature films, drama series, animations and games for children and youth.
  • Sámi children and youth productions in Sámi languages are a major priority.
  • Sámi films are available and attractive on all platforms to all publics in Sápmi and internationally.
  • Sámi people and culture have global value and we enrich diversity.