Duottar Studio

Duottar Studio offers a professional sound recording studio with 5.1 pre/post-production facilities in the middle of the Arctic Tundra. In addition, Duottar studio has two edit suites available for rent.

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Duottar studio is a film sound recording/5.1 mixing studio and edit suites available for rent to the professional film business. Duottar Studio offers dubbing services to Sámi or other languages.

Digital Talent Hub is also located in Duottar studio and offers innovative technology to young talents to develop the skills within digital storytelling. VFX, game development, and post-production services can be provided to both the professional film industry and to young talents who want to explore new media storytelling.

Duottar means tundra in Sámi language and this is where our studio is located.

If you are looking for calm and beautiful surroundings for your next film production, you have come to the right place. Duottar Studio is located in Guovdageaidnu in the very far north of Norway. Duottar Studio is 3 km outside the center of the Guovdageaidnu village on the tundra. Guovdageaidnu is a creative hub for the Sámi culture, with festivals, theater, musicians, and artists. The surroundings are quiet and beautiful all times of the year, so if you need inspiration from nature this is the perfect combination for you. It is 140 km to the nearest airport in Alta and a 2 hours drive to Kautokeino, where you can stay at our one and only hotel Thon Hotel Kautokeino.


Duottar Studio is a professional dubbing studio specialized in dubbing to Sámi languages. We have dubbed the following films/titles:

JUNGLE BUNCH WORLD TOUR (2023) – Dubbing to NorthSámi language JUŊGELVEAHKA JOHTÁ BIRRA MÁILMMI (2023) – Produced by Duottar Studio in corporation with Another World Entertainment.

LUNDEFJELL (2023) – Dubbing to NorthSámi language BOVTTÁŠVÁRRI – LÁHPPON MONNI (2023) – Produced by Duottar Studio in corporation with Arthaus.

KARDEMOMMEBY (2022) – Dubbing to NorthSámi language KARDEMOMME-GÁVPOT (2022) – Produced by Forest People and Duottar Studio.

WOLFWALKERS (2020) – Dubbing to NorthSámi language GUMPEHÁMIS (2022).

AINBO – SPIRIT OF THE AMAZON (2021) – Another  World Entertainment/Star Media/SDI MEdia collaboration on dubbing to NorthSámi.

MAMMA MU  (2020) – SF studios collaboration and dubbing to North- and South Sámi versions.

FROZEN 2 – (2020) Walt Disney Animation Studios and SDI Media Norway – leader of Verddet, Sámi advisory group working with filmmakers of Frozen 2.

SPIRITED AWAY (2019) Studio Ghibli/Cinemamonda and Arthaus – dubbing of Spirited Away to NorthSámi language.



If you are interested to get in touch with us about Duottar Studio, please contact our studio manager Morten Pettersen at telephone nr: +47 46501072 or e-mail: morten@isfi.no

  • Dubbing production
  • 5.1 pre/post-production
  • Edit suite 1
  • Edit suite 2
  • Streaming studio top floor
  • Digital Talent Hub – innovative technology and digital storytelling
  • Writing space on the top floor