Today, Samfunnsløftet announced the funding to the International Sámi Film Institute (ISFI) for a major initiative in the production of new Sámi films and TV series. A total of 10 million Norwegian kroner will be invested in a Sámi film initiative over the next three years.

We believe that supporting a Sámi film initiative (Samisk filmløft) is the right step to take now and anticipate significant ripple effects for film productions in the years to come, said Hanne Karoline Kræmer, CEO of SpareBank 1 Nord-Norge.

Through Samfunnsløftet, SpareBank 1 Nord-Norge aims to promote the identity and belonging of Northern Norway, and the best way to tell these stories is from the north. The Sámi perspective is a natural part of this effort, said Hanne Karoline Kræmer, CEO of SpareBank 1 Nord-Norge.

Concrete Measures

The SpareBank 1 Nord-Norge emphasize the importance of addressing the report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission with concrete measures. They hope that more contributors will recognize the central role that Sámi film can play in a potential reconciliation process.

In recent years, Sámi films have made significant progress, with major feature films and series setting the agenda and influencing public discourse. Shared film experiences can lay the groundwork for new reflection and understanding, thus playing a crucial role in the reconciliation process, added Kræmer.

International Momentum

The International Sámi Film Institute is thrilled about the substantial commitment from SpareBank1 Nord-Norge:

The 10 million kroner from Samfunnsløftet is truly unbelievable, and we are incredibly proud of this collaboration! This investment represents a historic boost for us, enabling the creation of many new Sámi films and TV series in the coming years, nsaid Anne Lajla Utsi, Director of the International Sámi Film Institute.

She emphasized the importance of the Sámi community having the financial strength to initiate and finance major projects:

The large productions lay the foundation for an economically sustainable future for the film industry here in the north. Therefore, this support from Samfunnsløftet is crucial for us, coming at a time when Sámi film enjoys strong international momentum. We have great optimism for the future!

The Sámi Film Initiative is launched in connection with the premiere of ÁRRAN 360 2.0 during the opening of Bodø 2024 on Saturday, February 3, at Folkets Hus.