Apply for an exciting summer job as an intern on a Film set

Gain invaluable experience in the filming process! 

Together with the International Sámi Film Institute, Rein Film is looking for Sami interns:

Are you a future Sami film worker? Would you like to be involved in making a youth film this summer? Now you can have an educational summer as an intern on a feature film by Egil Pedersen.

Admission is in Nesseby and Vadsø from 14 June to 15 July 2023.

The Film has needs in several departments; script, location, scenography and props, make-up and costume, camera, and production. It is an advantage if you have a car certificate.

The deadline for applying is 26 May, and the application is sent to

Rein Film:

Write a few lines about yourself, your experience, contact information, and what you want to do on the Film set to Rein Film.