Film Commissioner Liisa Holmberg brings her expertise to Arctic Indigenous Film Fund

Film commissioner Liisa Holmberg, known for her notable contributions to the International Sámi Film Institute, has embarked on a new venture by joining the Arctic Indigenous Film Fund.

Holmberg’s transition to the fund is expected to enhance the fund’s efforts in promoting and supporting indigenous filmmaking in the Arctic region.

AIFF gives Arctic Indigenous peoples a voice and a platform. Together we are stronger, says Lisa Holmberg.

The Arctic Indigenous Film Fund, established in 2018, supports films and filmmakers with indigenous origins. AIFF offers funding and training programs and cooperation among indigenous filmmakers. The AIFF activities focus on the environment, indigenous knowledge, and land rights, sharing knowledge of climate change, and building capacity for arctic filmmaking.

Holmberg’s involvement in the Arctic Indigenous Film Fund is seen as a significant step towards achieving these goals. Having previously served at the International Sámi Film Institute, Holmberg played a pivotal role in elevating Sami voices and narratives on a global platform. Her experience and knowledge in film financing, production, and distribution make her a valuable asset to the Arctic Indigenous Film Fund.

While Liisa Holmberg is contributing her effort in AIFF, we are excited that Nils Gaup functions as a film commissioner in ISFI.

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