First day of IFC23 gathered 170 film enthusiast

The Indigenous Film Conference 2023 – Reconciliation and New Futures – first day, gathered both national and international politicians, filmmakers, and stakeholders from the Indigenous world. Almost 170 film professionals and stakeholders from across the indigenous world are gathered in Guovdageaidnu. 

The conference’s focal points are reconciliation and new futures, grounded in the findings of the Norwegian Truth and Reconciliation Commission. The conference focuses on themes such as the essence of truth and artistic freedom, the dynamics of reconciliation and equity, and the prospects of our future and self-determination.

Sara Marielle Gaup Beaska welcommed everyone to Guovdageaidnu with a joik, and The President of the Sámi parliament of Norway, Silje Karine Muotka, opened the conference. The keynotes were given by the International Sámi Film Institute, Norwegian Truth and Reconciliation Commission, National Gallery of Canada, Telefilm Canada, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Canada Media Fund, Indigenous Screen Office, and the Sámi Parliament of Norway.

Attendees also gained insights into the latest Sámi films including “Eallogierdu,” “Jevida,” and “Heajastallan.”

Each session ended with a panel discussions in each theme.

As Saturday arrives, workshops will take center stage, while Sunday is an Open day for community and local collaborators, with exclusive Árran 360 screenings. See the program for more information.

The conference’s first day is recorded and will be published later.

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All pictures: ISFI/Knut Åserud