Utsi elected as EFA board member

The International Sami Film institute CEO Anne Lajla Utsi has been elected as a board member of the European Film Academy (EFA).

EFA is the most essential network within the European film landscape and a significant organization for cinematic expertise.

– I am thrilled to be invited to join the European Film Academy board. EFA is an important arena in the European film industry. My work as a board member in EFA will strengthen our International network and the presence of Sámi films in the film industry in Europe. The EFA board’s task is to promote European cinema, and joining in this effort will be very exciting, says Utsi.

Sápmi with one seat on the EFA board

– A designated Sámi seat on the EFA board demonstrates the value of Sámi film in Europe. It shows the significance and value of the Sami film industry on an international scale. It holds great importance that the voice of Sami films and filmmakers is attractive in the European film industry, says Utsi.

The board membership is for two years, 2024-2026. EFA has 19 board members representing 15 different regions. In addition, Sápmi is recognized with one seat in the new board membership selection every second year.

Photo by Per Heimly.