With the ÁRRAN 360° project the International Sami Film Institute highlights the creative and innovative power of Sámi filmmakers and explores the meeting point between modern XR technology and Sámi storytelling.

ÁRRAN 360°

This first-of-its-kind film project features original 360-degree films created by leading Sámi filmmakers from across Sápmi. The films are presented in a purpose-built giant lávvu and equipped with a circular screen designed to showcase these special films.

ÁRRAN 360° started as an official part of the extended program of ´The Sámi Pavilion´ at the 59th International Art Exhibition of La Biennale de Venezia, and had its world premiere in Venice in August 2022.

ÁRRAN 360° 2.0

At Bodø2024 European Capital of Culture, ÁRRAN 360° enters a new phase, ÁRRAN 2.0, presenting five new 360-degree films. The films are "Duiddo" by Siljá Somby, "In My Hand" by Marja Helander and Liselotte Wajstedt, "Máilmmittkus" by Hans Pieski and Arttu Nieminen, "OVIAS 2" by Ann Holmgren Aurebekk, and "PCA-TV 270" by Ken Are Bongo and Joar Nango.

These films will be showcased in Bodø starting from February 3rd, 2024.


Director Siljá Somby


Director Marja Helander & Liselotte Wajstedt


Director Hans Pieski & Arttu Nieminen


Director Ann Holmgren

PCA-TV 270

Director Ken Are Bongo & Joar Nango

The world premiere of ÁRRAN 360°

In the middle of Venice's famous lagoon, in connection to the Biennale Cinema and Biennale Arte, we entered a new digital realm when Indigenous storytellers forefront the exploration of XR-technologies.

The six Árran 360 films that premiered in 2022 in Venice was EALLU - GIRDNU / REINDEER CORRAL, OVIAS, MUOHTAČALMMIT, EADNI / MOTHER, ÁFRUVVÁ / MERMAID and DAATE DIJJIEN. We also invited our special guests, Outi Pieski, Birit Haarla and Katja Haarla, to present a 360-degree adaptation of their renowned video installation, Guhte gullá / Here to hear.

ARCTIC XR visited the ÁRRAN 360° lávvu where six leading circumpolar Indigenous artists from Canada presented new 360 video works. Lead and commissioned by Dr. Julie Nagam and Dr. Heather Igloliorte.



By Elle Márjá Eira


By Ann Holmgren Aurebekk


By Hans Pieski


By Liselotte Wajstedt


By Marja Helander


By Siljá Somby


ÁRRAN 360° also explores XR technology. How can we tell Indigenous stories with the help of new technology? In Venice, we met Ráste and The Daughters of Maadteraahka, an augmented reality (AR) exhibition made by Sissel Horndal and Carola Grahn. Developed in close collaboration with 3D Interactive and SISYFOS Film Production.

In Guovdageaidnu, at our Indigenous Film Conference, we explored Indigenous futurism as a genre and creative space, investigated the potential of XR and AI technologies in Indigenous film and digital art, discussed new storytelling strategies and outlined possible futures for Sámi and Indigenous film and society.

ÁRRAN 360° is not just an innovative way to showcase films; it embodies the innovation and evolution of Indigenous storytelling and filmmaking—a beautiful fusion of artistry and cultural narrative.

The lávvu

The arena is custom designed as a traditional lávvu with a 360-degree screen.

The Lávvu has a strong tradition in the Sámi culture, as it has been both a home and a spiritual space for our people for centuries. The Lávvu was our shelter in the harsh Arctic winters and we constructed it to endure strong winds. Our children were born, our stories told, and our elders passed there. The traditional lávvu has
always been mobile, and as our famous poet Aillohaš said:

”My home is in my heart, and it migrates with me.”

Entering our film lávvu you will step into a circular space where the past meets the future.

ÁRRAN 360° partners

ÁRRAN 360° is a project initiated by International Sámi Film Institute and developed in close collaboration with the Office for Contemporary Art Norway and the Norwegian Film Institute.

International Sami Film Institute

International Sami Film Institute (ISFI) is dedicated to providing Sámi people with the skills and economic opportunities in developing, producing, and distributing Sámi films in the Sámi language.

The Norwegian Film Institute

The Norwegian  Film Institute (NFI) is a public institution operating under the authority of the Ministry of Culture.  NFI is the government’s executive body for the film sector and its advisor on film policy issues

Office for Conteporary Art

Office for Contemporary Art Norway (OCA) is a non-profit foundation created by the Norwegian Ministries of Culture and of Foreign Affairs in 2001. Its principle aim is to foster dialogue between art practitioners in Norway, including Sápmi, and the international arts scene, through discursive programs and exhibitions, and support artists based in Norway in their activities around the world. OCA has been responsible for Norway’s contribution to the visual arts section of La Biennale di Venezia since 2001.

ÁRRAN 360° Financiers

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