Premiere in February: Juŋgelveahka johtá birra máilmmi


The film JUŊGELVEAHKA JOHTÁ BIRRA MÁILMMI is premiering in cinemas in Norway and Sweden on February 6. th. The film “Jungle Bunch World Tour” has been dubbed into Northern Sámi by Duottar Studio, offering audiences the chance to see the movie in Northern Sámi on the big screen in February 2024!

JUŊGELVEAHKA JOHTÁ BIRRA MÁILMMI is an action-packed and thrilling animated film with plenty of speed and excitement.  Great entertainment for the whole family.

Check your local cinema for showtimes of “Juŋgelveahka johtá birra máilmmi” in the Sámi language. You can inquire the cinema about the possibility of arranging screenings. The Northern Sámi version is available in all cinemas in Norway and Sweden from February 6. In Finland, it will be available in March.


Northern Sámi production by Duottar Studio

Family | 7+ |Northern Sámi | 1h 28 min

Who do you call to help when a mysterious supervillain covers the jungle with pink foam that explodes on contact with water? The Jungle Bunch! Less than a month before the rainy season, the race against time is on. From the North Pole to the Far East, crossing mountains, deserts and oceans, our heroes will have to travel the world in search of an antidote, far from their favorite jungle!


Camelia: Ella Eriksen
Maurits: Ole Gabriel Buljo
Gilbert: Ánte Siri
Girdine: Inga Elise Påve Idivuoma
Miguel: Rolf Morten Amundsen
Albert: Máhtte Sikku Valio
Al / Priest: Isak Ailo Gaup
Bob: Johan Anders Paulsen
Henri: Ailu Valle
Sergei / Pepito: Jørgen Mikkel Bals
Jurij: Per Thomas Aira Balto
Child: Leah Nicole Valio
Child 2: Aikin Piera Eira-Pettersen
Natacha: Inga Marja Utsi
Additional voices: Eva Måsø, Elle Mari Dunfjell Oskal, Morten Hyld Pettersen

Translated by: Berit Margrethe Oskal
Language advisers: Elle Mari Dunfjell Oskal
Director and producer: Morten Hyld Pettersen, Duottar Studio

The Jungle Bunch universe is well known and is an international box office success. France’s TAT Productions produced the 3D film (titled Les As de la Jungle 2 – Operation Tour du Monde in French) directed by Laurent Bru, Yannick Moulin and Benoît Somville and written by David Alaux, Eric Tosti and Jean-François Tosti.

The dubbing is a collaboration with Duottar Studio and Another World Entertainment, and financing is by the International Sami Film Institute and Sámediggi (NO).

We want to thank everyone who has contributed to this production. We are excited to share the film with all the children, youths and adults in Sápmi.