The Tundra Within Me Nominated for Three Amanda Awards

The Tundra Within Me Nominated for Three Amanda Awards

The feature film The Tundra Within Me, directed by Sara Margrethe Oskal, has received three nominations for the prestigious Amanda Awards in Norway. The film is up for Best Lead Role by Risten Anine Gaup, Best Supporting Role by Berit Anne O. Kemi, and Best Costume Design by Anna Margaretha Oskal.

The nominations demonstrate the high quality of our work, and I am proud of those who have been recognized with these nominations. I am happy Risten Anine and Biret Anne have got the opportunity to portrait complex characters and they do that with bravur, says writer and director Sara Margrethe Oskal.

From the pressconference in Oslo, june 19th. From the left Biret Ánne O. Kemi, Risten Anine Kvernmo Gaup and Anna Margaretha Oskal.

The nomination for costume is really nice, since our choice to use only worn clothes has been recognized. Anne Margaretha has together with the actors put them together really well. Congratulations to all nominees, says director and scriptwriter Sara Margrethe Oskal.

Risten Anine Gaup, who plays the lead character, Lena, says the nomination for best lead role inspires her to continue with her acting career.

It is wonderful that Sámi films are gaining this recognition. I am truly honored to be nominated; it gives me the courage and motivation to continue with acting. I also hope to get more opportunities for film roles in the future, says Risten Anine Gaup.

Managing director Anne Lajla Utsi at the International Sami Film Institute says this nomination is important to the Sámi film industry.

– This recognition is incredibly meaningful for the nominees as it validates their work, and it is also significant for the Sámi film industry, as this nomination acknowledges our important place in the Norwegian film industry, says Anne Lajla Utsi.

The Tundra Within Me first premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2023. Following its international debut, the film had its Norwegian premiere at the Tromsø Film Festival in 2024. This year, it continues its journey at international film festivals such as the Sydney Film Festival and the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, among others.

About Ellogierdu – The Tundra Within Me

After living for many years in Oslo, Lena moves back to Sápmi in Northern Norway with her young son to explore Sami gender in an art project. While researching in the wintry tundra, she falls in love with reindeer herder Máhtte – whose mother, the head of the family, disapproves of the relationship. As decisions from the past come to haunt her, Lena struggles to find out whether her and Máhtte’s lifestyles can ever be compatible.

Cast: Risten Anine Gaup, Nils Ailu Kemi , Elias Ánte Pilutaq Gaup Lennert, Anitta Katriina Suikkari, Berit Anne O. Kemi, Anders Isak Oskal, John Ante Oskal, Aslat Mahtte Gaup, Inga Marja Utsi, Ingá Márjá Sarre, Sverre Porsanger,, Egil Keskitalo, Ebba Lovise Joks, Mikkel Pulk.
Director: Sara Margrethe Oskal
Screenwriter: Sara Margrethe Oskal
Producer: Mona Johanne Hoel for Freedom From Fear Stories
Cinematographer: Anders Hoft, FNF
Editor: Anna Løvlund
Costume/Props: Anna Margaretha Oskal
Composers: Ville Langfeldt, Jakop Janssønn
Sound Design: Håkon Lammetun, Jakob Beckmann
Distributor: Norsk Filmdistribusjon

About The Amanda Awards

The Amanda Awards in Norway celebrate excellence in Norwegian cinema. There are 21 different categories, and five candidates in the categories of best lead role and best supporting role.  The award ceremony takes place in Festiviteten Concert Hall in Haugesund on Friday, August 23rd. It is part of The Norwegian International Film Festival, which takes place from August 17th to 23rd, 2024. The films considered for the award had a theatrical release in Norwegian cinema between July 1st, 2023, and June 30th.

The International Sámi Film Institute has provided funding for the film. The International Sámi Film Institute provides Sámi people with the skills and economic opportunities in developing, producing, and distributing Sámi films in the Sámi languages.