Production application

Through its grant scheme for the production of short films, documentaries, feature films, and series, International Sámi Film Institute aims to provide funding support for professional filmmakers. The production grant aims to secure the best possible quality of the film project.

  • The objectives of the International Sami Film Institute AS (ISFI) are to maintain and develop Sámi film production. The ISFI will accomplish this partly by awarding grants for the development and production of films in any genre, as well as other formats that are considered to be particularly important for the development of Sámi film, as for example digital media.

    Grants will be awarded to strengthen and build the Sámi film industry and raise awareness about Sámi films and improving the Sámi filmmaking skills of the local people and film workers. With this regard, there will be a special focus on capacity building in the area of live images and raising awareness about Sámi film as an artistic expression.

    The ISFI also aims to promote indigenous films and connect indigenous filmmakers from all over the world to work together. The objective of promoting Sámi film must therefore be primarily interpreted from a cultural context, rather than from the context of the Sami people’s state of affiliation. The Sámi language is the most important criterion used by the ISFI to determine what constitutes Sámi film. The aim is to ensure that Sámi audiences are provided with a good selection of films in their own language, based on their own culture.

    Initiatives aimed at children and young people are a prioritized and integrated part of the work of developing Sámi films.

  • Applicants for production grants must be a Sámi or other Indigenous production company (registered in the business register in your country).

    Sámi or other Indigenous production company meaning over 50 % sámi/other Indigenous ownership in the company.

    Two of the three main key functions in the film project must be Sámi/or Sámi speakers: producer/co-producer and director, or screenwriter.

    Other Indigenous production companies can be eligible for a production grant from ISFI if the project is of specific importance or artistic value.

    Applicants must self-identify themselves as Sámi or Sámi speaking (or other Indigenous) in the application.

    Non-Sámi producers need to attach a Sámi co-producer to the project to be eligible to apply for a production grant from ISFI. This requirement is set to ensure Sámi ownership to Sámi stories and to build the Sámi film industry.

  • In order to be entitled to receive a grant from the ISFI, the applicant and their project must meet the general requirements for grants and also the special terms and conditions applying to the specific project. ISFI makes an overall assessment of the project on the basis of the project’s artistic impression and the obligations in accordance with these guidelines.

    A prerequisite for a grant is that the project must be connected to the Sámi language and culture. In addition to this, projects seeking grants must meet the following requirements:

    The project must be designed exclusively in one of the Sámi languages.

    Two of the three main key functions in the film project must be Sámi/or Sámi speakers: producer/co-producer and director/screenwriter.  Applicants must self-identify themselves as Sámi or Sámi speaking in the application.

    The theme of the project must be of a Sami nature.

    Projects whose target group is children or young people will be particularly prioritized.

    The film must be made with Sámi dialogue.

    A specific, discretionary assessment by the ISFI will determine whether a project has met ISFI’s grant requirements.


  • A production grant from ISFI is not an investment and is not to be reimbursed at any point, as long as the production contract is not breached.

    Production grants are normally paid in two installments: 75 % on the producer’s written acceptance of the grant approval document, and 25 % when the results of the granted project have been approved by the ISFI.

    The ISFI’s approval is valid for three months from the date the approval is delivered. The approval will then lapse without further notice.

    The following information must be provided in applications for production grants:

    Documentation showing the applicant’s organization type.

    The production enterprise’s CV, including the name and CV of the responsible producer, screenwriter and director


    Director’s notes

    List of staff and actors

    Calculations prepared and entered on an approved calculation form

    Progress schedule, shooting schedule, and estimated completion date or première date

    Marketing strategy

    Funding plan

    ISFI can co-produce with independent production companies and with national/international film companies to improve and assure the quality of Sámi film productions and to increase film competence building in Sápmi.

  • Application deadlines are February 1st, May 1st, and September 1st.