Travel and Competence Application

Scholarships can be granted to individuals or companies for travel and competence purposes.

  • The grant can be applied for for all activities that can be documented and argued to increase the applicant’s professional competence.

  • Central roles in the project must be held by Sami; in that either the producer or co-producer, and director or script writer define themselves as Sami or are speak Sami.

    In order to apply for travel and competence grant from ISFI, it is a requirement that the Sami writer, director, producer submits the application.

    Scholarships can be granted to individual Sami filmmakers or companies.

  • Competence grant

    • Film students can apply for a grant up to NOK 25 000 to produce a film in connection with their studies.
    • The grant can also be spent on establishing a film production company and legal advice.
    • One can apply for the costs to cover a dramaturg.
    • Translation of script.
    • Costs covering attendance at courses and seminars.


    Travel grant

    For domestic travel, you can apply for a maximum of NOK 10 000.

    For international travel, you can apply for a maximum of NOK 20 000.

    The applicant must submit the application well in advance of the travel.

    All expenses must be documented with a receipt in connection with the reporting. Expenses for food and driving, and per diem are not covered. This can be marked as a deductible in the application.

    • Expenses requiring a receipt
      • Accommodation
      • Airline tickets, taxi or other transport
      • Investments
      • Documentation / receipt of paid attendance at e.g. courses, festival or other events


    Attach any other receipts that document expenses in connection with reporting.

    If the applicant has been guaranteed that ISFI will cover travel and accommodation in relation to events they organize themselves, you should not apply for a travel grant for this, but send a travel bill.

  • The grant offer from ISFI is valid for three months after the offer has been made. If the grant recipient has not accepted the conditions of the grant within three months, the grant will be withdrawn without notice.

    There are no deadlines for travel and competence grants and the applications are sent on the basis of need.

    Application processing time is normally 6 weeks.

    Complaints of ISFI decisions can be made to the Ministry of Culture in Norway.

  • There is no application deadline for travel and competence scholarships and this can be applied for when needed.

  • Applications generated and approved before January 1, 2024, remain in the previous portal and will not undergo migration to the new application portal. The reporting process remains unchanged for those tasked with reporting on grants obtained through the old portal. Conversely, applications approved in this new portal will be reported within this platform.

    If the grant is disbursed in two parts, you must report in time or apply for an extension.

    Applications from 2023 and previous years: The report shall be submitted via email to with reference to the grant reference number.

    Mandatory attachments in relation to the reporting


    • Financial statements
      The financial statement shall show all expenses for the project. If you are reporting on a travel grant, you shall instead submit receipts documenting the expenses in relation to the budget. Expenses for food and driving are not covered.
    • Project funding
      Specify and explain what funding the project has and who is funding the project.
    • Project financial report
      An audited financial report for the project is required if the grant is more than NOK 200 000. If not, the accountant must sign all financial statements.


    Missing report / Breach of guidelines

    If the grant recipient breaches the guidelines or ISFI does not receive the report and financial accounting may be of significance to the allocation of future grants. The breach in this context means violating ISFI’s guidelines, if the grant is not used in accordance with the rules that are set for the grant, and/or failure to comply with decisions made by ISFI. In the event of a breach as mentioned above, ISFI may also choose to impose these sanctions:

    • Ceasing payment of the grant for the project in question
    • Ceasing payment of the grant for other projects under the grant recipients’ direction
    • Requiring repayment of all or part of the grant
    • Imposing a quarantine of 3 years or less on allocating new grants
    • In the event of a significant breach, ISFI shall impede any form of funding for the project with immediate effect.