Travel and Competence Application

Scholarships can be granted to individuals or companies for travel and competence purposes.

  • Scholarship grants can be applied for any purpose that can be documented or substantiated to be in the best interest of the applicant’s professional development.

  • Scholarships can be granted to individual filmmakers or companies, in the production environment film in Sápmi. Sámi language applicants are prioritized.


    Film students can apply for a grant of 25 000 NOK for final graduate film production. For domestic travels you can apply a maximum 10 000 NOK. For international travel maximum 20 000 NOK.

    Scholarships can also be applied to set up film production companies and legal advice.

    The travel scholarship can be applied once a year.

    When reporting a grant you need to confirm all costs with receipts. Diet- and driving allowances are not covered. These costs you can add to the application and your budget as own deductibles.

    You need to confirm the following costs with receipts:

    • Accommodation
    • Travel costs, such as flights, taxi or other transportation
    • Fuel
    • Investments
    • Confirmation of course or festival fees, or other event fees

    If you have other receipts that confirm costs include these in your report.

    The ISFI’s grant is valid for three months from the date the approval is delivered. The grant will then lapse without further notice if the receiver of the grant has not accepted the grant within this time.

  • There is no application deadline for travel and competence scholarships and this can be applied for when needed.