Four new Sami Productions receive grants

ISFI production grants 2,6 million NOK

Oro Jaska © Alfredfilm AS – Julie Marie Naglestad

Two TV series, one feature film, and one short film received production grants for 2.6 million NOK in this application round:


TV-series / Production company: Forest People / Writer: Åse Katrin Vuolab / Director: Åse Katrin Vuolab, Pål Jackman / Granted: 1.300.000 NOK

Heajastallan ©  Lars Opstad

A dark and humorous drama about a dysfunctional family’s attempt to organize the perfect wedding without letting their facade crumble. Spoiler: It goes awry. The facades crumble in full public view.


TV-series / Production company: Snowreel AS / Writer: Vegard Bjørsmo, Silje Burgin-Borch / Director: TBA / Granted: 500.000 NOK

Oro Jaska © Alfredfilm AS – Julie Marie Naglestad

Oro Jaska means “shut up” and is a six-episode youth series. The story starts with a rape and we will follow a group of friends in Karasjok where everyone in the group is affected by this incident. The title plays on a social norm where society demands that we be quiet, or “shut up”. When you are young in a small, tight-knit community, this is rule number one.


Feature film / Production company: Rein Film / Director: Egil Pedersen / Granted: 500.000 NOK

Biru Unjárga ©  Rein Film – Håvard Schei

Biru Unjárga is set in in the northernmost part of Norway following young Sami teenager Elvira who believes her mother got pregnant at a Danish fertility clinic. One day her real father turns up and Elvira’s world will never look the same again.


Short film / Production company: Rein Film / Writer: Ken Are Bongo / Directors: Ken Are Bongo / Granted: 300.000 NOK
The most risky part of the reindeer migration, and perhaps the most beautiful, we get to experience like no one else has before.

More about Production grants

The production grant aims to secure the best possible quality of the film project. The grant is given to stimulate films in the sami language and strengthen sami filmmakers and producers.

Application deadlines for production grants are February 1st, May 1st, September 1st and December 1st.